Wojo Signs


History of Wojo Signs…

Wojo Signs began in Warren’s garage in 1991 with only a handful of clients and a boxful of good intentions. After only a few short years and the collaboration of another signwriter, Tony Bell, the move was made into a small factory. It was in this small factory that the first real breakthrough was made when Country Road made contact and began ordering decals for supply to all of their stores world wide.

From that point on, a reputation was made based on the supply of large orders of decals in a short turn around time. To this day, we still pride ourselves on not letting our clients down.

It was in this small factory that Damien joined the fledgling team and things began to happen! We learnt how to roller blade, use the internet and on odd occasions, the beginning of the digital print industry.

From the small factory, there was a move into a slightly larger factory and then another move into a bigger factory which we have managed to fill to the point of bursting. It is widely aknowledged that Warren is a Bower Bird and has run out of areas to hide things he wont throw out!

After trialling a few different people, we now have Donna on our team as well as Lisa, Neill, Brett, Glen, Tina and Albina. It is those people that have managed to keep Warren in check! With the cameo appearances from Alvaro the resident brand specialist, the team is fairly well balanced and works well together, even if it is a little crowded at times.