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WOJO quotes column

Best quotes so far... "I think I need a bigger mouth!" The challenge is to see who made that statement and to try and work out why.

The choice is yours...

While looking at a selection of typefaces, who do you think was heard to say, "I like Group Sex!" Thankfully she was referring to the typeface!

Someone else was heard answering the question, "where've you been?" with the comment, "I've been to get my fringe cut so I could see!" Just as she tripped over the only roll of vinyl standing on the floor!

Another good quote....

Recently, a prominent client of ours was hovering in our office, waiting for a job when he was heard commenting, "who's this pest?", when his phone started to ring. As he looked at his phone to discover the identity of the caller, his face dropped when he realised it was his elderly mum!

The very next phone call was about 10 minutes later and he resisted the urge to comment about who was calling, much to his relief when he found out it was his wife!

For those of you who have been to the factory, you will be well prepared for the variety of things we have been involved in. From creating simple signage for important events to painting props for Primary School productions.

Wojo Signs produces computer cut graphics, traditional sign writing by hand as well as digital printing. We also fabricate signage in plastic, wood, metal and foam. We are also involved in screen printing and offset printing and regularly supply business cards and other forms of stationery.

Our main reputation has been for supplying a product that meets the customers requirements at the due time. Many of our customers rely on us turning signage around in short periods as that is the nature of their business.

We try to maintain a friendly and happy environment with the emphasis on smiling, even if we do lean towards the "droll" side of things! The main thing we try to promote is an inviting environment so that everyone that comes in feels welcome.